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Workforce and skills

In Oxfordshire science and technology thrive: its largest industry group –professional, scientific and technical – accounts for 21% of all registered enterprises.
Young female scientist focusing as she pours a florescent green chemical from a beaker into a test-tube, a collection of glassware filled with colourful chemicals and other equipment surround her in the laboratory

Oxfordshire is the natural home for science and technology.  10,000 people work in scientific research, development and healthcare manufacturing; the number engaged in R&D is more than four times the national average.  High-skilled occupations account for 59% of the workforce, compared to 44% nationally.

Oxfordshire people are supremely well-qualified for success.  46% of the working population is educated to degree level or above, compared to the south-east England average of 34%.  Schools in southern Oxfordshire embrace technology and are in the top quartile for GCSE results.  The region’s schools and colleges work closely with local science and technology companies to produce the next generation of skilled employees.

Skills for a region of innovators
Our plans for Science Vale build on our strengths.  The newly opened Oxfordshire Advanced Skills Centre at Culham will produce 125 work-ready hi-tech and engineering apprentices every year.  At UTC Oxfordshire, based in Didcot, we’re nurturing the next wave of scientists and engineers.  Looking even further ahead, a string of purpose-built primary and secondary schools will embed the culture of science in young minds.

Our vision for Science Vale is to be a powerhouse of innovation.  Nowhere else in the UK will have a population that’s as hungry for new knowledge, as eager to turn science into practical applications, or as good at solving the problems that hold others back.  In Science Vale, the celebration and fostering of discovery and entrepreneurialism are a way of life.

Share in our knowledge economy.  Learn how skills and education are fundamental to your and our success in Science Vale
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