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Science Vale – UK information and map

The UK's number-one science hot-spot.
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Science Vale is where innovation happens.  It already contains the highest concentration of science research and development facilities in Western Europe.

Science Vale operates on a global stage.  Its world-class research facilities, many of which are unique to the UK, give it the authority to compete at an international level.  Its central location puts it within reach of the whole of the UK.

The rest of the world is just a single direct flight from Science Vale.  You can be at Heathrow, Europe’s leading hub airport, within an hour.  From there you can fly direct to 185 destinations in 84 countries.

Improved rail links will cut the journey time to Heathrow to around 40 minutes.  And when Heathrow has its planned third runway, you’ll have even more global connections to choose from.

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