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The world's number-one university sets the educational tone. The educational standards at Science Vale are exceptional; everyone strives to be the best they can be.
2 young students wearing protective goggles and lab coats as they take part in practical work in one of the laboratories at UTC Oxfordshire UTC Oxfordshire

Education drives Science Vale.  The excellence of Oxfordshire’s universities and colleges proves that we have it in us to be the best.  Their thirst for knowledge filters down through all levels of student education.

Oxfordshire’s three universities, Oxford University, Oxford Brookes University, and Saïd Business School, set the educational tone for the entire region.  Oxford University is the world’s number-one university, with one of the world’s largest physics departments.  It’s also in the top ten for physics and for electrical and electronic engineering (QS World University Rankings, 2014).

Schools and colleges embrace science and technology
Our schools set high standards.  For example, Didcot Girls School is one of the county’s top-performing state schools. Elsewhere there’s plenty of educational choice with various schools offering the European and International Baccalaureates.

We aim to build on our success at Science Vale by investing heavily in education.  We’ve just opened the Oxfordshire Advanced Skills Centre at Culham, while Didcot’s University Technical College, UTC Oxfordshire, opened in 2015.  Our future plans include a string of new primary and secondary schools to embed the culture of science in young minds.


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