Living and working in Science Vale UK - Science Vale

Living and working in Science Vale UK

Science Vale knows where it’s going – and we need lively businesses and energetic people like you to take it there.  By 2031 we’ll have created 20,000 new jobs, built 15,000 new homes and launched as many science and technology based innovations as you can dream up.

Find out why Science Vale is good for your business, your career, your family and your social life.

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About Science Vale UK

Science Vale encourages you to think big and to run free – to let your business, your family and your social life flourish.

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Developing Science Vale UK

We are creating a lively and sustainable corner of southern Oxfordshire that you can call your own.

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Workforce and skills

Learn how skills and education are fundamental to your and our success in Science Vale.

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Helping Businesses

For the right businesses, Science Vale offers grants, advice, support and limitless opportunity.

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Science Vale UK location

We are in the heart of England, rural, yet reachable through good road and rail links.

A young female student with glasses leaning over her desk studying as two fellow male students work at a computer behind her.


Science Vale is where you and your children can learn to be the best.

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That's the beauty of Science Vale: your leisure time can be as varied, exciting and as fulfilling as your professional life.

Middle aged father in shorts and t-shirt teaching his young son to ride a bicycle, letting go of the seat as his son pedals away on a sunny day at the park


What's your passion? Or would you like to discover a new one? Discover leisure activities for you and your family.

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Useful Links

Can't find what you are looking for? Find out more in our useful links section.

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Contact Us

Find out more about Science Vale.

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