Infrastructure - future developments - Science Vale

Infrastructure – future developments

As Science Vale grows, so must its infrastructure: our plan is to improve both in parallel.

A growing region needs a well-planned programme of infrastructure improvements.  As new homes and jobs come on stream, we will add the vital links that keep people and goods moving freely.

More than anything, our programme of new and improved roads, footpaths, cycleways and public transport will boost Science Vale’s quality of life.  Science Vale will be a great place to live and work because its communities will continue to be well-connected.

Science Vale | featherbed lane and steventon junction lights

Featherbed Lane and Steventon Junction lights

A planned upgrade will improve access from Wantage and Grove to the A34 and to Didcot's enterprise zones.

Science Vale | Science Vale cycling Netwrok

Science Vale cycling network

A comprehensive network of cycle routes.

Science Vale | Wantage western link road

Wantage eastern link road

Wantage Eastern Link Road takes A417 through-traffic out of the town.


Backhill Lane

A former railway tunnel will become a vital link for people who live and work near the Milton Park and Milton Interchange enterprise zones.

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