Infrastructure developments - Science Vale

Infrastructure developments

The right infrastructure for a fast-growing, yet stress-free region

The key to Science Vale’s smooth growth is appropriate infrastructure.  Some projects are finished and already strengthening connections between communities.  Others are in the process of being built and still more are planned for the future.

Appropriate infrastructure makes life and work easier.  It eases congestion, speeds up traffic flows, or offers residents alternative ways of getting about – on foot, by bike, or via public transport.  The right infrastructure improves the quality of life for everyone.

Science Vale | Infrastructure current blue

Infrastructure - current developments

Hard hats and hi-viz pave the way for a better life tomorrow.

Science Vale | Infrastructure completed blue

Infrastructure - completed developments

Projects that are already getting Science Vale on the move.

Science Vale | Infrastructure future blue 2

Infrastructure - future developments

As Science Vale grows, so must its infrastructure: our plan is to improve both in parallel.

Keep on top of Science Vale’s growing infrastructure.

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