Didcot Gateway - Science Vale

Didcot Gateway

Didcot Gateway: the welcome that will encourage visitors to come back for more. The Didcot Garden Town proposal includes this mixed-use development site bringing new life to the area next to Didcot Parkway station.
Computer generate image of planned shopping centre, large modern shops with many busy consumer Orchard Centre phase 2 opening 2018

When visitors step off the train at Didcot Parkway, they’ll discover a lively modern town with open spaces at its heart. Our redevelopment of the area around Didcot Parkway station will tell residents and visitors that they have arrived in a region that’s going places.

Our Didcot Gateway development is a flagship for Didcot Garden Town.  It’ll be bright, green and spacious – and instantly communicate what it’s like to live in an environment that makes the most of green technology.

Didcot Gateway will connect the station with the town centre and, through its footpaths, cycleways and bus routes, lead visitors on to explore the rest of Science Vale.  It’s the lively, mixed-use development that will transform visitor perceptions of our region.

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Plenty of opportunities for homes and commerce in this mixed-use development

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