Grove Airfield - Science Vale

Grove Airfield

Grove Airfield: a development that pays homage to the history of the site. Space for around 2,500 homes on a site that was once a wartime airfield.
Luscious green fields stretching out over the English countryside

Some of the features of Grove Airfield will reflect its history.  When you’re out walking your dog, exploring the roads and wildlife corridors, you could be tracing the lines of the airfield’s three former runways.

At Grove Airfield you’ll have a good mix of sustainable apartments and houses when built.  The site is well-connected too.  It’s next to Grove and close to the northern edge of Wantage.  With new roads planned, you’ll have ready access to the Harwell and Milton Park enterprise zones as well as to the various Didcot Growth Accelerator enterprise zones.

Could your future new home be in Grove Airfield?

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