Didcot Valley Park - Science Vale

Didcot Valley Park

Didcot Valley Park: an ideal location that's brimming with choice. Space for up to 4,254 homes to the west of Didcot.
Computer generated image of planned homes, 3 story white buildings with black wooden shingles Taylor Wimpey

Didcot Valley Park is planned around people.  This residential development will be big enough to include two mixed-use shopping centres, three schools and plenty of open space and sports facilities.  The location makes it ideal for Harwell Campus, Milton Park and other centres of employment. Planned infrastructure improvements will put all of Science Vale within easy reach.

Didcot Valley Park occupies a wide swathe of land to the west of Didcot beyond the neighbouring Great Western Park.  Connections to all the major business parks are excellent.

This imaginative residential development will feature a wide range of apartments and housing sizes and styles.  It will cater for residents who want to rent as well as those who want to buy.  In this green, garden-town development, there will be plenty of open spaces as well as footpaths and cycleways.

At Didcot Valley Park, you’ll find everything you need for creating a new life within a thriving community.  There will be two distinct mixed-use neighbourhood centres with associated community buildings.  Space has been put aside for two primary schools, a special needs school, children’s play areas plus allotments and sports pitches.

Could your future new home be in Didcot Valley Park?

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