Didcot North East - Science Vale

Didcot North East

Didcot North East: Culham Science Centre, countryside and the River Thames on your doorstep. Creating a new 1,880-home, greenfield community with its own schools, allotments and open spaces.
Rows of red brick houses with white exterior door shelters

Didcot North East has the potential to give everyone what they want: two new primary schools, a new secondary school, a nature park, a sports centre and playing fields, open spaces and green corridors.  It’s this commitment to community and to breathing space that will make Didcot North East so special.

Didcot North East is for everyone.  A wide variety of new homes will include plenty of affordable housing to buy or to rent, as well as property managed by a housing association.  There’ll be a neighbourhood centre with shops, a pub, a hotel, a nursery and community halls.  Our plans also include specialist housing for those with particular care needs so they can live near their families.

The site will also have great connections to the region’s business parks and enterprise zones.  The Culham Science Centre is just a few miles to the north.  In between there’s the River Thames, the delightful village of Long Wittenham and plenty of open countryside.

Could your future new home be in Didcot North East?

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