Creating homes - future developments - Science Vale

Creating homes – future developments

Find your future community at Science Vale.

Our plans for Science Vale are big: 15,000 new homes and a swathe of lively new communities by 2031.  The sites we’ve identified for these communities are close to the jobs and well-connected to the towns and villages within the region.

A community is more than a collection of houses.  At Science Vale, each new residential development will include a range of properties (including affordable homes) and the community facilities that help neighbours feel like they’re part of something worth sharing.  Science Vale won’t just be the place where you live and work, it’ll be a community to which you belong.

Science Vale | North Didcot East

Didcot Valley Park

Didcot Valley Park: an ideal location that's brimming with choice. Space for up to 4,254 homes to the west of Didcot.

Science Vale | North West Valley Park

North West Valley Park

Ideally placed for Harwell Campus and Milton Business Park. Space for 800 homes on a 38.6-acre site to the west of Didcot.

Science Vale | didcot gateway

Didcot Gateway

Fresh air at the heart of the town. Up to 300 apartments within a bright, mixed-use development adjacent to Didcot Parkway railway station.

Science Vale | didcot ladygrove ease

Didcot Ladygrove East

Golf and groceries on your doorstep. Space for 500 homes on the eastern side of Didcot.

Science Vale | didcot valley park

Didcot North East

Culham Science Centre - countryside and the River Thames on your doorstep. Creating a new 1,880-home, greenfield community with its own schools, allotments, and open spaces.

Science Vale | Grove airfield

Grove Airfield

An imaginative development that pays homage to the history of the site. Space for around 2,500 homes on a site that was once a wartime airfield.

Science Vale | Crab Hill Wantage

Crab Hill Wantage

Put down roots on the edge of an ancient market town. Space for up to 1,500 homes with associated school and community facilities.

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